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Khóa tu Giới trẻ (Nói Tiếng anh)



Dear Friends, 


We are delighted to inform you about the Autumn Camping Retreat at Dharma Cloud Monastery 2019. 

This retreat will be a chance to get away from our daily busy life and mindfully come back to our body and mind through practising mindfulness meditation. The program includes Dharma talks and Q&As given by Most Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh and Sr. Kinh Nghiem from Deer Park Monastery on some common topics such as dealing with stress and resolving conflicts in the family and at work. Participants will also be guided to do sitting, walking and bowing meditations and practise them every day.  

Most Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh is one of the highly respected monks at Deer Park Monastery (USA). He has been practising as a Buddhist monk for over 50 years, giving Dharma Talks and holding many retreats in the US, Vietnam, Canada and Australia. 


The program also includes bush walking, picnic meals by the small lake and other various activities. We will demonstrate our respect to nature and practice the low carbon footprint lifestyle through all activities during the retreat. This is an opportunity to make new friends and enjoy the beautiful autumn in the Billpin area (on the way to Blue Mountain) 


Below is the information for you to registration. 


Attendants: Age 18-35 

Date & Time: 9 am Saturday 19th April to 5:30 pm 21st April (3 days 2 nights, Check in time 9-11am 19/4) 

Address: 2259 Bells Line of Road, Bilpin NSW  2758 

Registration fee: $100 per person.  

This retreat is limited to 25 persons and available on a first come first served basis, so please fill out the online registration form ASAP to secure your place. We will email you with the link for registration fee payment if your registration is confirmed. Once you make the payment, please send us your receipt. Your reservation will be confirmed by email after that.  


Accommodation: Camping in tents. Please bring your own tent, but if you don't have one please advise us in the registration form. 

Transportation: Pick up and drop off at Richmond station will be provided, or carpools can be organized at certain suburbs. 


What to bring:

-  Tents, blanket, pillow, flashlight, picnic blanket/mat 

-  Insect repellent, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses (optional) 

-  Your refillable water bottle (please don't bring any single used plastic bottle) 

-  Your lunch/meal boxes (to take food from the kitchen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), handkerchief (minimize the use of tissues) 

-  Comfortable clothes for meditation, outdoor activities, cold/wet weather (depends on the day). Please do not wear sleeveless tops, tank tops, midriff or low-cut tops or short shorts/shirts into the meditation hall. 

- Shoes for bush walking, thongs/ sandals 

- Towels and personal toiletry (We encourage you to use eco-friendly products to prevent chemical contamination to the water source, if needed you can use the products provided by the monastery) 


Things not to bring:

-  Alcohol 

-  Illegal drugs 

-  Tobacco products (The Centre has an absolutely “No Smoking” policy) 

-  Meat  

-  Please refrain from bringing any single-use plastic/products. 


The monastery will provide: 

- Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be cooked by Phap Van Sangha members. 

- Nature and Eco-friendly products: toothpowder, face wash and body wash. 


Please contact us for further information: 

Thao Tran (thao.thth@gmail.com) 

Phuong Ho (lphuong.ho@gmail.com) 

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